Topic 1: Connecting (continued)

As I launch into this new world of digital literacies, I am beginning to understand that it is like my students who launch in the world of theatre in my theatre classes. There are many parallels.

Their thoughts are,

“What am I doing here? This is so scary. What can I expect? What is the structure of studying in this kind of way? I don’t understand what is expected of me. I don’t know how to do this. I have never done work like this before. I feel so public and exposed. What if I embarrass myself?”

My feelings have been the same in this new learning environment. But, today, as the first senario was published in Google Docs and I see two people have started writing, I get my first understanding of how that tool works and how that part of the course will function. The same happened when I watch the first Webinar. And I assume the same will happen when I finally can connect with my PBL group on Blackboard.

The problem comes when our egos get involved, and like with acting, we freeze up with fear about the new experience. Fear is paralysing. And fear is about ourselves and the ego. However, I need to get out of myself and think about the others out there in cyber-land. I need to leave the fear behind and become an explorer of these new worlds. Setting my feet on new soil is rewarding. I don’t really know how things work here, but I will. I always do.


3 thoughts on “EGO or Safety?

  1. Hi Adam! I’m thinking of safety or is the correct word in English security (?)… If I have a feeling of being safe I’m more keen on challenge myself. By creating a safe environment I think we are more eager to be fearless. Right?

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    1. Yes, safety, feeling safe. This is what we need to create as teachers in courses like this. I feel this from the leaders of this course, for example. In these new kind of learning environments, we need to make our students feel safe or they won’t dare to try! The only way to help a student overcome the EGO is to make them feel safe to put the EGO aside. The EGO gives a false sense of security, but it is not real and it blocks the student from creativity and learning.

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  2. I liked your comparison with students who is new in an area and the world of digital literacy when you’re a novice. I had (and still have) what in Swedish is called “skräckblandad förtjusning” (mixed emotions of fear and excitement) when I put posts on Twitter, the blog and Facebook. For some reason I don’t have this mixed emotions when I put posts on Instagram, I’m not sure why but maybe because it is more about the pictures there. I guess that it will feel more pleasant later on during the course, at least I hope it will…

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